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Right now we are offering 2 free packs of 5 channel catheters for referrals that integrate the mcompass® manometry device into their clinic care options. Fill out the form with your referral and we will send you your thank you, once the new clinic signs up.

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Why mcompass®?

You can provide an immediate diagnosis with mcompass® in office anorectal manometry

  • Low initial investment – payback in under three months
  • Maximize returns: $831 average reimbursement or 24.11 RVUs
  • Streamline exams: complete in under 15 minutes
  • Boost ROI with PA, NP, CNS, or PT friendly equipment
  • Simplify procedures with safe and easy disposable catheters
  • Provide tailored care with pediatric specific petite catheters



mcompass device for anorectal manometry

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